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STAYG began formally in January 2015, when the Vicar and some local young people at St Anne’s longed for a Youth Club for everyone in the Hoxton Community (not just the congregation). We decided to start a youth club every Friday night from 5.30pm-7.30pm. The name STAYG is unique.  It stands for St Anne’s Youth Group, it is pronounced ‘Stage’. This wordplay is a deliberate attempt to convey the ethos of confidence-building, acceptance and skill development. The young people regularly engage in drama, music and music/tech-based activities in the club sessions, as well as sport, cookery, art and craft. Since we first began, we have been able to continue in confidence with our own group of volunteer youth leaders, under the leadership of our funded and paid Youth Leader.


STAYG is currently open for young people between the ages of 8 and 14. 

Every week we organize games, activities, crafts, cookery, music in a safe and secure venue. We also provide healthy food for anyone who wants it.


We ask for £2 per week to contribute to food costs.

Our current youth leader, Savannah John-Leighton, 24, has run the youth club with a small volunteer team since it started in 2015. She is a parishioner of St Anne’s, who lives in the nearby Colville Estate and has done so since she was born. She began her Christian journey at St Peter de Beauvoir Town, but as an older teenager moved to St Anne’s Hoxton to ask if she could become more involved in youth ministry in the area. She wanted to share some of her passion of faith with younger people. She is BAME and studied Music Management and Technology at the University of East London, graduating in September 2017 . Savannah is committed to youth ministry at St Anne’s as part of our leadership team and has been funded by the Bishop of London’s Mission Fund for three years.


Savannah is naturally a passionate and magnetic person and leads a team of volunteers who are passionate about caring for, motivating and encouraging young people and inspiring confidence and fun. All of our leaders are DBS checked and there is at least one first aid-trained volunteer for every youth club. Full consent forms are provided and dietary and medical details are taken seriously and professionally. 


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